Saturday, 4 August 2012

The WTF of SF, part one

The first in an occasional series: ten book covers guaranteed to make you wonder what the hell the art department were thinking.

"Hey guys, let's go over to A.E.'s place. Dude has some good shit."

"Here, kitty kitty ki-- ... oh shit!"

This one makes the list not only for its title (ninety trillion? that many?) but for a cover image that looks like something out of 'A Matter of Life and Death' only with a cross-dressing demon instead of David Niven.

Philosophical literature re-imagined as a 1970s prog rock concept album cover.

Yes, the title is a conflation of "mermaid" and "bicycle". Yes, the cover artist went there.

Where to start ... ?

'Tomorrow Times Seven'. So, that's like all of next week, yeah?

What is it with nudity, animal splicing and sci-fi cover artists?

You know that running joke in 'Paul' about sci-fi book covers and women with "three titties"? Methinks this publication might be in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's book collection.

And the big monster that's looming above the spindly combatants is supposed to be scary? Bitch, please!

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